Most people are finding wireless mice to be a saviour. Wireless mice usually come in two different varieties. The two varieties are Bluetooth and wireless RF, while there are a few differences in the technology they both offer you great convenience without the wires.

Bluetooth technology is the more technological of the choices. Bluetooth can work with your Bluetooth enabled mouse located up to thirty feet away from your mouse adapter. This gives you excellent roaming coverage and extremely reliable connection. Bluetooth enabled wireless mousse also are extremely precise, so not to worry if you are 2 feet away or 30 feet away, you will always be comfortable using your mouse. Bluetooth usually cost around $30 and up.

Wireless mice with RF technology work by receiving radio signals. There are times that depending on where you will be working you might receive interference although this is usually infrequent. RF technology is not as technical and does not allow a long roaming distance. For people that just want a convenient wireless mouse RF technology is great, but for critical users, you are better off with Bluetooth technology. Wireless mice usually sell for $20 and up. So whatever you choose, you will be happy with the freedom of wireless.