Customise the Outlook Bar

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Customising the Outlook bar As well as providing access to Outlook components, you can use the Outlook bar to store shortcuts to open files on your PC, applications and web pages quickly.

Shortcuts can be organised into groups to make them easier to find.

To create a new group on the Outlook bar

  • Right-click the Outlook bar and from the shortcut menu, select Add New Group

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A new group button is added to the bar with New Group highlighted.

  • Overtype New Group with a name for the group

To rearrange shortcuts on the Outlook bar

You can change the order in which shortcuts appear on the bar.

  • Point to the shortcut you want to move
  • Click-and-drag the shortcut up or down the bar

A black line indicates the new position of the shortcut.

  • Release the mouse button to reposition the shortcut icon

To add a folder shortcut to the Outlook bar

  • Right-click the Outlook bar and from the shortcut menu, select Outlook Bar Shortcut…

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  • From the Look in: box, select Outlook to add a shortcut to an Outlook folder (a public folder or Net Folder for example), or File System to add a shortcut to a folder on your PC or company network
  • Using the tree view, locate the folder you want
  • Click OK

Tip: To add a file or application shortcut to the Outlook bar, open a Windows Explorer (or My Computer) window next to the Outlook window. Select the file to create a shortcut to and drag it onto the Outlook bar. To add a web page shortcut, browse to the page then from the File menu, select New then Outlook Bar Shortcut to Web Page.

Display Hidden Toolbars

You normally see the Standard and Advanced toolbars on the screen. The contents of these toolbars change to suit the component selected. You can display or hide toolbars manually as well.

Tip: You can also display and hide toolbars in mail, task and contact forms.

To display a hidden toolbar

  • Right-click any toolbar


  • From the View menu, select Toolbars
  • Click any toolbar without a tick to display it

To hide a toolbar

  • Right-click any toolbar

The Toolbar menu is displayed.

  • Click any toolbar with a tick to hide it


  • If the toolbar if floating click the Close button image8 CUSTOMISING OUTLOOK 2002
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