Objectives of this Tutorial

  • On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:
  • Set Outlook Today as your default opening view
  • Customise Outlook Today
  • Browse the web and keep a list of favourite web pages
  • Customise and create toolbars
  • Add folders to the Outlook bar
  • Create and publish customised forms

    What is Outlook Today?

    Outlook Today provides a quick view of your day, showing appointments, email messages sent and received and a list of tasks. You can even use the Find a Contact panel to locate a contact name quickly.

    unnamed-file-868 CUSTOMISING OUTLOOK 2002
       (Page 1)

    Set Outlook Today as the Default Opening View

    If the first thing you want to see when you open Outlook is an overview of your appointments, tasks and so on, you can set Outlook Today as your default opening page.

    To set Outlook Today as your default opening page

    • From Outlook Today view, click Customize Outlook Today…

    The following screen is displayed.

    unnamed-file-870 CUSTOMISING OUTLOOK 2002
       (Page 1)

    • Opposite Startup, click the check box When starting, go directly to Outlook Today

    From this screen you can also select how many days to view in the Calendar section of Outlook Today view, and specify whether you want a list of tasks displayed, or just today’s tasks and pick a screen style.

    • Click Save Changes

    To use Outlook Today

    Outlook Today works very much like a web page. Each appointment, task, folder and so on is a hyperlink.

    • Click the text to open the item or folder

    Browse the Web with Outlook

    You can use Outlook to visit web pages. Like most web browsers links to web pages you visit regularly can be added to a Favorites list for easy access.

    Internet access is controlled using the Web toolbar, which allows you to enter URLs (the address of the web page), move back and forward between pages and search for pages on the internet.

    unnamed-file-872 CUSTOMISING OUTLOOK 2002
       (Page 1)

    To browse the web from Outlook

    • If the Web toolbar is not displayed, from the View menu, select Toolbars then Web
    • In the Address box, type the URL of the web page you want to visit

    You are prompted to connect to the internet. After a few moments the page is displayed in the information viewer.

    To add a web page to the favorites list

    Tip: The Favorites list is shared with Internet Explorer. Any links you add in Outlook will be displayed in Internet Explorer and vice versa.

    • Browse to the web page you want to add a link to
    • From the Favorites menu, select Add to Favorites…

    The Add To Favorites dialogue box is displayed.

    • If necessary, select or create a subfolder to put the shortcut in
    • Click Add

    To browse favorite links

    • From the Favorites menu, select the link (subfolders are displayed as submenu options)

    To disconnect from the internet

    If you use dial-up networking, when you have finished browsing, to save on phone bills you should disconnect from the internet. You do not have to exit Outlook to do this.

    • Display the Windows Taskbar

    The icon image4 CUSTOMISING OUTLOOK 2002
       (Page 1) is displayed when you are still connected.

    • Right-click the icon and select Disconnect


    • From the File menu, select Work Offline