WPF Grid MouseUp Event(s) not working

I have tried all the following events: MouseUp, MouseLeftButtonUp, Preview<> …

I also tried to use the this.AddHandler(UIElement, , true) so as to demand that my event get “handled”.

Can some one please explain why the mouse up events for the wpf grid are not working?

I am on VS2010 Ultimate.

hi, this works properly: xaml:            cs:  private void Label_MouseLeftButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)        {            MessageBox.Show(“It Works”);        }/

I would like to add that i found a post on a random forum which said the following in response to pretty much the same question but involving a canvas, rather:”A control with no background color set (explicitly or through styles etc) will default to having a background color of null – making it not hit-testable.If you set the background to “Transparent” (or anything other than null ({x:Null} )) then it will be able to pick up the mouse  events”This did not work on a canvas or a grid  for me …

That it wonderful that it works on a label component. I am trying to get this to work for a Grid component.I would also like an explanation about why this did not work in this situation:I also tried to use the this.AddHandler(UIElement, , true) so as to demand  that my event  get “handled”.Thanks for the help so far.