Workflow created in SharePoint Designer not starting when item is created.

Hi, we have list that collects requests of different sorts and based on choices made by the users tasks should be appointed to the correct people.

The workflow is validated and published and on the settings page in SPD it is set to start when a new item is created, but it does not. When I create a new item nothing happens. When I start it manually it completes as expected.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also the workflow should also start when items are added programmatically as some items will be created from external systems, is there something I should be aware of in that regard?


I just want to confirm this is in relation to SharePoint 2010?  If so, which version and build?What is creating the item  when you don’t see it trigger?  You as a user or the programmatic method?  Either way, what is the actual user account showing in the “Created By” field?  Workflows definitely start  when set  to start on new.  It only doesn’t run if the account running it doesn’t have rights to do so or if checkout is required, and the item hasn’t been checked in (for documents)./

Thanks for the answer Clayton, but it seems that my own stupidity got the better of me on this one 🙂 I don’t use workflows that much and I didn’t realize that I was logged in with the SharePoint System account! DOH, I just remembered that I had this problem before 🙂 logged in with another user and everything worked out fine…– Christian

Does any one know how to  allow work flow to run for item created  by  System account ?