Word 2007 and word 2010 application shows “Macro Security settings” dialog while loading the word 2

I have a created a new Word 2007 Addin project targetting .Net 4.0 framework with Visual Studio 2010. 

On Compiling the application and running it from Visual studio 2010, I get to see the “Macro
Security settings” dialog advising that the “function that you are attempting to run contains macros or content that requires macros language support. When this software was installed the administrator chose not to install support for macros.”

 What could be the problem. I even get this problem on deploying the addin and trying
to load it.  The loading is successful, but the dialogs must be avoided.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestion.



Hello Mangesh,Thanks for posting. Have you used any macro  in your add-in? or a simple add-in without any macro? For Macro security  settings, you could change the settings  and see if this could help you. You could see this resource for Macro Security Settings:

Hi Bessie,          I think I am seeing it on my development machine only. I tried installing the addin on another machine ( Windows7 x86 English) with office 2007 and found that it works fine.I think I will test this on some other OS combinations and see if I can reproduce this. If I cannot I will let you know.thanksMangesh  

Hello again Mangesh,How this issue is going on in your side? Does it work fine on some other system? or not? Based on my experience, there should be not an error message when opening a word  document by running add-in (just add a message box) from VS. So I think it is probably