WM 6.5 application crash on switching the screen off

Hi, I am new to release sign and get error as following, anyone plz to help me out?

SignTool Error: IStore2::get_Certificates returned error: 0x80880230
        The Store object does not represent an opened certificate store.

Hello there,I have the same problem as you.Have you solved it?I run this to sign  my driver.sys:SignTool sign /v /ac CrossCertificateFile /s SPCCertificateStore /n SPCSubjectName /t http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timestamp.dll winloaddriver.sysCrossCertificateFile= MSCV-VSClass3.cerSPCCertificateStore=”Personal”SPCSubjectName=”My certificate  name.”winloaddriver.sys=My driver.sysThanks/Mattias/

Here is the answer:Change the “Personal” to “MY”, and it all works.Thanks/Mattias