Will Visual Studio 2010 have the ability to search & replace using standard regular expression synta

The current implementation of “Regex search and replace” uses a non-standard syntax for regular expressions that differs from the common regex variants (including the .NET Framework Regex class). Would it be possible to add an entry to the “Use” dropdown on the Find and Replace dialog to “Perform this search using System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex” ?

Thanks for posting your feedback.  We don’t currently have plans to include options for Regex search  & replace  in Visual Studio 2010, but this is a feature request we’ve been seeing from other users and are considering for the following release of VS.  The more we hear from posts like yours, the better we can prioritize the features that are most important to you for the next version of VS.For now, though, Visual Studio extensibility does allow you to write to the Find Results window.  So you could write your own find UI, whether for regular  expressions or any other custom find operation, and pipe the results to the Output or Find Results window to simulate the option of using the .NET Regex class.Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.Brittany BehrensProgram Manager, Visual Studio Platform/