Why StreamInsight pushes events out in batches of 10?

I have a simple StreamInsight app with a typed input adapter which pushes an event into the CEP every second, and a simple output adapter taking output events and printing them in the console. The query is just a simple select taking all inputs and sending
them out without any actual filtering or any other logic.
The adapter advance time settings are (1, TimeSpan.FromTicks(-1), true), so I don not explicity send any CTI, but see a CTI after every event.
But I see a stange behavior that unless 10 events are enqueued into CEP, nothing comes out, and then 10 output events get out in the output adapter.
If I change the incoming frequency to 1 incoming event per minute, the same pattern repeats: only after 10 minutes I see how 10 events get out of the CEP server to the output adapter. Where that magical number of 10 can be configured or changed so I can get
an event immediately out of the CEP server after it gets in?
Thank you!

Hi Beachbear If the process is as clean as you say it is then there is no reason for the events  to be delayed as they are being.  The “Frequency/Immediacy” is pretty much handled by the issuing of CTIs so you can Q events all day long but without a CTI they are

Thank you,

Glad you got it sorted