What methods are there to accessing SOAP web services in VS 2008

Hi all,

I need to connect to a clients web services which are SOAP based web services (I know all web services are SOAP :)), but to access this web service I am creating the request via the HttpWebRequest object. The client has provided me with a WSDL and an XSD so was wondering what other methods VS2008 allows me to connect and use my clients web service.

The SOAP web service takes a XML string which I wrap in a SOAP envelope, encode, and then ‘getResponse()’. There are a number of methods but these are only identifiable through a XML element attribute in the XML that is wrapped in the SOAP request, so there isn’t really any web methods for these. The following is from the WSDL…



so it looks like a proxy class would be worthless, won’t it?

Thanks in advance.

If it’s a standard web  service (which it seems to be) then “add service reference” should do the trick.

Is there any reason you don’t just use “Add Service Reference”?

Thanks for your replies both. Looking at the service documentation it seems that I need to make so some SOAP settings on the request. I don’t get this kind of reflexability with proxy classes/service references so going down the HttpWebRequest seems to be the only route for me.