What disaster recovery options can one have in a multi site setup

I am looking for database DR options in a multi site scenario, how is this going to work and what is the best option out there. The environment in question is SQL 2008 & SQL 2008 R2 and Windows 2008 server as well.

Any ideas will be most welcome.



This might be helpful:

Clustering, Mirroring ,Log Shipping, Replication are just phrases,  we need to know more info about your environment  …. have you visited to Paul Randall’s web site?

Thanks for the info.The idea is that, I have 2 sites in place connected via a private LAN.Transactional replication is in place, so whichever DR solution is best, replication must be operational on failing over. Also, we have a preferred primary DB server and DR environment  is just for disaster  with the understanding that, should a failover be