WebContext.Current.User is lost after redirect to another silverlight application (XAP) in the same


I split my application into functional parts to reduce their individual size.

Default.aspx uses the first XAP and ClientApp.aspx uses the second XAP.

Using the first XAP file, I use the AuthenticationService to authenticate and when the authentication is succesfull (using the WebContext), I redirect to the ClientApp.aspx.

When I arrive in the ClientApp.aspx, the WebContext.Current.User is the defaultUser again.

How can I share this user between different Silverlight application that is hosted in the same web application?

I thought using Forms Authentication would allow the cookie to persist over all the aspx pages?

Thanks in advance

I solved it.It seems that my MainPage xaml file  was loading faster than the WebContext could be loaded.I modified the following code in my App.xaml.csprivate void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)