WCF not returning from when hosted in console application

I have a web service that has been running for a year and works if hosted in IIS or development server.  I am moving the service to console application (then to window service).  It is called from a Silverlight application.  When I call
the service in debug mode it executes the code in the console application queries the data and returns, but I never seems to return to the Silverlight application.

I can run the console application, call from IIS, get the WDSL.  I have let Visual Studio configure the service reference.  Same result.  I have tired manually configuring the bindings to different setting and same results.

I have example programs that do this and they seem to work. (like DarksideCookie.WCFHosting.SilverlightClient).

Following is a sample contract

       public List GetSetupList()
               using (PokerRoomEntities entities = new PokerRoomEntities())
                   var query = from p in entities.Setups
                               orderby p.Type, p.Name
                               select p;
                   return (query.ToList());
           catch (Exception ex)
               Process.LogFunctions.LogProgramErrorServer(ex, “PokerRoomWebService”);
           return (new List());

    [EdmEntityTypeAttribute(NamespaceName=”PokerRoomModel”, Name=”Setup”)]
    public partial class Setup : EntityObject

Silverlight Bindings:



                binding=”customBinding” bindingConfiguration=”CustomBinding_PokerRoomWebService”
                contract=”PokerRoomWebService.PokerRoomWebService”  name=”CustomBinding_PokerRoomWebService” />


Service Binding.









Any ideas how to debug this issue?


Good day Steve,I would try turning on logging of all service  activity — it helps me 9 times out of 10. From Visual Studio command prompt, run  svcconfigeditor, navigate to the application  configuration file where you service’ settings are, open it in svcconfigeditor. In