Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider

Released right before the holidays, the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider is available here

This version (2.0) includes:

Updated provider to link against VS 2008 TFS assemblies (i.e. version
Enabled support for MSSCCI BeginBatch/EndBatch in VS 2003 and SQL Server Management Studio during Check In operations. This should alleviate the “multiple Check In dialog” issue by showing all pending changes in the workspace in the first dialog that appears and permitting the user to check in all changes from that first dialog.
Changed Open From Source Control in VS 2003 to validate a project file exists in the selected server folder before leaving the dialog.

You can send feedback, bugs, and requests to [email protected] or post to the Team Foundation Server Power Tools and Add ons forum.


I got the thing working in SQLServer management studio  instantly; great!However, I need it in VB6, too, because my customer wants me to migrate a VB6 solution to .Net. It has been years ago since I started the VB6 IDE, but I cannot find any source control menu’s. Even the good old Source Safe integration is missing. I cannot find source control plug-ins either in the Add-in manager. What are the steps to enable all this in VB6? I installed the TFS source control plug-in after VB6 SP6.

I found the solution!Add the line_vbscc=1To c:windowsvbaddin.iniThen restart VB6, and you get a new menu item: Tools, Team Foundation

Hey Frans, I have read ur message that u were successfully able to work with MSSCCI Provider in SQL Server Management Studio. Well, I have also installed MSSCCI Provider and trying to use it in SQL Server 2005. but I am not able to perform source control or i would say not able to configure source control for my databases. What I have done till now : I have installed Team foundation  Server MSCCI ProviderI have set the source control tool to Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider in the Tools–>Option Wizard.What I want now :I want to configure Team foundation Server MSSCCI Provider to use it with my databases so that i can checkin and checkout my database tables, procs, view, etc….. I want to add my databases to the Source Control so that I can perform source control operations in the same manner as we do in .NET.Like, when i right click on Database Name or on Table name or on Stored procedure it shows me the option to checkin or undo pending changes or checkout or Get Latest Version, etc….So, Kindly please help me to get it done.  Plzzzz