Visual Studio Standalone Profiler Error : VSP1046 Error setting up DIA. Make sure DIA is installed

I am having a problem with the profiler, although I have made some progress from where I first started.

I was not able to download the standalone profiler to the machine I am working on, so i just copied the directory of the performance tools to the machine and added the corresponding paths.  After inputing “vsinstr program.exe” in the cmd line a
file is created called program.exe.orig but then the error : VSP1046 Error setting up DIA.  Make sure DIA is installed and registered.

I added the path _NT_SYMBOLS_PATH which has the directory of the ptb files created from the program being compiled and the directory to the winbdg symbols, and of course all the corresponding winbdg symbols.. pdb’s, dll’s, etc.

Any information would be great on how to solve this problem.

Hello Jimmy_D,Thanks for your post!You need to download  and install the stand alone profiler. Just copying the directory  of the performance  tool is not enough. I recommend you download the

I am trying to install the vs_profiler_x86.exe on  the particualr machine  with no previous versions of visual  studio on it.  The installation fails half way through the process.  Do u have any idea why this would be happening?

I have a 32 bit machine  running windows XP by the way.