Visual STudio 2010 – Silverlight 4.0 SDK not found

I checked another post at ““, and it suggested
mucking about in the registry.  The error I get is virtually identical:




Could not find Microsoft Silverlight SDK v4.0. Plase make sure that the correct version of the Microsoft Silverlight SDK has been installed.

   at MS.Internal.Platform.SilverlightResolver.get_ReferenceAssemblyPath()

   at MS.Internal.Platform.SilverlightPlatform.ConfigureAppDomain(AppDomainSetup setup)

   at MS.Internal.Package.VSIsolationProviderService.CreateIsolationProvider(String originalIdentifier, Boolean isGlobal, String identity, FrameworkName frameworkName, AssemblyName appAssemblyName, IVsHierarchy hierarchy)

   at MS.Internal.Package.VSIsolationProviderService.CreateIsolationProviderWorker(String identifier, IServiceProvider provider)

   at MS.Internal.Package.VSIsolationProviderService.CreateIsolationProvider(String identifier, IServiceProvider provider)

   at MS.Internal.Providers.VSDesignerContext.CreateIsolationProvider(IServiceProvider provider, IVsHierarchy hierarchy)

   at MS.Internal.Providers.VSDesignerContext.<>c__DisplayClass1.b__0(IsolationProviderProxy i)

   at MS.Internal.Providers.IsolationProviderProxy.get_RealProvider()

   at MS.Internal.Providers.IsolationProviderProxy.add_UnhandledException(UnhandledExceptionEventHandler value)

   at MS.Internal.Designer.DesignerPane.LoadDesignerView()



I’m wondering if there’s a solution that doesn’t involve tinkering with registry entries?

Jason the Mason

Additional information:I’m on Windows XP (All updates and security patches installed).  I note that the solution proposed in the link above applied to Win7, which is likely the reason that all I get when trying it was “file not found” errors.

Is this in the right forum?  The lack of response has me wondering.

As is usual for these forums, I found  the solution myself…I uninstalled every Silverlight SDK (for some reason I had 2, 3, and 4) and toolkit installed on my machine.  I then installed the 3.0 SDK for VS 2008, and then the 4.0 SDK and toolkit for VS 2010.