VERY BASIC SQL management studio 2008 question

Dear all,


I have just started using SQL server management studio which requires some server connection to access a database file. I would like to know if SSMSEE would function like a basic a sql 2005 edition where I can open a .txt or csv file to extract the necessary
information. Sorry if it is such a lame question or if the question does not make any sense.


Thank you all….

Can you specify what you are trying to do?Do you need the connection information in a text file or do you want to load data from or into a txt or csv file?RegardsAxel

See this thread here:

I want to be able to import some .txt files into SQL language to use some queries to extract some specific information from the .txt file. I initially had the file in excel format but I saved it as .txt to be able to use in SQL but could not do so. I hope