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Hi All,

Can anyone help me in this. i have set of coded ui test that are recorded and when i run them all test are passed too.

Now my question is there a way where i can generate a test case document in Excel or DOC or any other format, whatever actions i have recorded from this Recorded Coded ui test.

anyhelp is Higly apprciated

Advance Thanks for your help


If you are saying you want to extract the steps of a recorded  Coded UI test  to some external file (EXCEL/DOC) there is no built-in way to do this.But the more formal way of doing this is to have test cases defined with all the steps in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and to attach this with the existing Coded UI Test automation. Following are the links to know more about it: Creating and Managing TestsHow to associate an automated test (Coded UI Test) with a test caseWith test cases defined in MTM you can export them to Excel with their steps, priority and all other important details.

Thanks Alot for the quick response on this. currently we are not using TFS . i guess that MTM is intergated with TFS only.sp, there is no built in way to extract the steps of recorded  coded ui test, is there anyway we can coustomize it to extract it.Thanks

HiHave you looked at Axe: ( do not work for them but have been using Axe for over 4 years now with WatiN and now CodedUIBasically you create your tests in Excel, press a button and you get CodedUI (or Winrunner, or QTP or Robot, or WatiN) scripts and HTML test  Case Documentation.Marc