usbser.sys is not working in amd processor

I am using usbser.sys driver to convert USB to serial.

And in C# i am configuring serial port to communicate with device.

It is working fine in all intel processor with windows XP SP2.


But the problem is , the same application is not working AMD processor…

What might be the issue??


How to solve the issue??


Let me know if you any one having any idea or how to make it work??

Is usbser.sys is not supported for AMD processor???

If yes, than is there any equivalent driver for AMD processor..

Please help me.. it is very urgent..

I am using usbser.sys driver  to convert  USB to serial.And in C# i am configuring serial  port to communicate  with device.It is working  fine in all intel processor  with windows  XP SP2. But the problem  is , the same application  is not working AMD processor…What might be the issue?? How to solve  the issue?? Let me know if you any one having any idea  or how to make it work??Is usbser.sys is not supported  for AMD processor???If yes, than is there any equivalent  driver for AMD processor..Please help  me.. it is very urgent..

Higanesh aradhya, Welcome to MSDN Forums! Can you show us some code? And if the application  runs with some error message on AMD platform can you also post out a copy of the message? If there’s anything unclear, please feel free to let me know.Have a nice day!Mike

Please let me know your mail id so that i send one document , that contain driver  and implementation code.