Tooltip doesn’t work when IsHitTestVisible=False

I have IsHitTestVisible bound to a property. When it is false, I no longer see the tooltip when I hover over my ToggleButton. I have ToolTipService.ShowOnDisabled=”True”. Is there something else I must do in order to get the tooltip to show when

I don’t think you’re going to be able to achieve that. HitTestVisibility is a very low level setting that basically makes the control ‘invisible’ to the mouse, which is quite different than ‘disabled’. Instead of turning off HitTestVisiblity, you might

Hi BBauer42,Agree with matte303, you may need to handle the PreviewXXX mouse/key events to ignorn the actions on the control.I have another interesting solution for it, add a Rectangle with Opacity=”0.01″ over the control.     On the other hand, a low level to handle the Mouse Message on the control may help you to show the Tooltip when the control is IsHitTestVisible=False:  (solution from

Hi,    Else you can use isenabled =false.hope this may be helpfull Reminder: If someones post answers your question, please click “Mark as Answer”. If a post provides information you find useful, please click “Vote as Helpful”.