timedataretrieval greater than querytimeout setting and config setting

does any know answer why timedataretrieval  in executionlog show greater time than querytimeout setting(sitesetting and report) and also greater than the timeout  setting inside rsreportserver config file..

do to this the report builder complex queries causes my database to hang

any advice appreciated


Hi mrtnpl,The timeout  (DatabaseQueryTimeout) in RSReportServer.config file  is a timeout for report  server database  not to the source database.http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms157273(SQL.90).aspxThe timeout you mentioned in the report dataset is for timeout each dataset. Whereas the TimeDataRetrival field in Executionlog contains the sum of all data processing. If your report has 5 data sets and are executed sequntially, then TimeDataRetrival contains

ok so what do i need to do inorder that sql queries  from ssrs gets timeout  from the database  side after certain time.i am not concerned on rendering time or processng time..only concern is to restrict the the dataretrievall time..is there any suggestions on the approach