TFS 2010 WI email alerts sent when the change does not meet the alert definition (e.g. links added)


I have TFS 2010 with the Mar 2011 Power Tools.

I have configured email alerts for all team members so they receive an email when a work item is assigned to them. The alerts have been set up using the Power Tools Alerts Explorer like this:

PortfolioProject = MyProject
Assigned To Changes To TeamMemberName
Changed By <> TeamMemberName

The alert works correctly except that they always receive an email when a link is added to the work item – even when the AssignedTo field has not changed.

I found an old thread reporting the same issue at

However the answer given there, that “This is a expected behavior. This will change the field Related Link Count.  If you subscribe any change (not other filter), you will get the notification. ” does not seem to apply either to that poster’s problem
or mine. That is because we have not subscribed to any change – we have defined filter criteria which should exclude any changes other than those specified above.

Can anyone help with this?

Hi Andy,Thanks for posting the issue here!As the reply in the thread 

Hi Cathy,Unfortunately that does not help. As I said in my initial post, this alert is filtered to the Assigned To field changing – so there should not be an alert under any other conditions, including the “Related Link Count” changing.I can summarise my question as why does the filter fail to be applied when the “Related Link Count” changes?Any other ideas?

Hi Andy,Thanks for your feedback!Do you have any other subscribes when the work item is assigned to you? I think maybe there is other subscribe which have larger filter, when you add the link to the work item, all the subscribes will send the email to you, and you cannot which subscribe