Test automation with Windows Mobile Test Framework (included in WM6 SDK)

I have a Win CE5 DLL project which I now need to run under Win CE6.

I have installed the CE6 SDK and can select it as the target device.

But CEVER does not change from 0x500. Where is this defined and how do I change it ?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 V8.0.50727.762


Thank you


Hi Vayne,Try to change the application’s target platform with following steps:

Thank you for answering but I have managed to sort it now. I had/have 2 problems, the first of which is the fact I can not have both CE5 and CE6 SDKs installed at the same time. I have to uninstall one before installing the other.2nd problem is that when I removed CE5 SDK and installed CE6 SDK I couldn’t open the DLL project as it no longer supported the platform that the code was written for! This is an apsolute rediculas senario to happen. VS should still allow you to open the