Stopping inertia immidiately by a touch down


I have developed a application with Manipulation and Inertia. The image is translating smoothly but I want to stop the movement immidiately after touch down. In touch down event I am calling “_inertiaParam.Reset();” and “manipulationInertiaProcessor.CompleteManipulation();”
but nothing works since the touchdown event is firing only after completion of all the manipulation iterations. Please help me in stopping a intertia processor immidiately by a touch, as scrolling stops if we touch a fastly scrolling textbox in a editor.


Thanks and Regards,
Ignatius Ronnie

Where are you calling Process / ProcessTime for the InertiaProcessor?  Is this just happening in a loop? I believe that these calls should be triggering the Inertia events but should not happen in a way that would be blocking other