SSRS08: Tablix – Hide a column of a group item that is null

Hi folks,

I am currently creating a Tablix Report. Can I hide columns according to their value ? One of my columns (of a certain group) is NULL and I want to hide that column. I tried filter on group properties > filter with

Headername <> NULL or Headername <> “”

.. but it does not hide.

How can I hide that column ?



Sven Worm ,Are you sure you do want to hide  a column  ?If you want to hide a column if any of its field value is NULL then how about the other row fields having the same column field without any NULLS ?I guess you want to hide the row in a specific group  ?If so it can be done this way , select the detail row of a specific group[  which you want to hide ] and the visibility hidden  expression to hide a row in a group if the field value is NULL   would be=IIF(InScope(“GroupName”) AND ISNOTHING(Fields!FieldName.Value),true,false)How ever if you even want to hide the entire column then select the column and the visiblity hidden expression would be=IIF(ISNOTHING(Fields!FieldName.Value),true,false)Thanks . /