sqlsrv_connect returns false all the time.

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We are planning for TFS deployment in a distributed scenario. I have done quite a bit a reading and homework about TFS proxy and all related topics. I still need guidance on the following.

Since Proxy has no role in check-in, the checkin experience of a developer is dependent on n/w bandwidth. What is the minimum n/w speed and preferred n/w speed for a decent experience of developer.

And on checkouts, Is it true that only authentication and permissions are checked from AT and file is obtained (if already there) from the proxy?


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Yes, you are correct – tfs  holds the permissions  and the proxies serve files if it already has them.  As for bandwidth, you don’t need very much (say 512 upstream) since teams generally pull lots of stuff to sync their workspaces with the

Thanks StLuisRey. We are going to do a quick test (proof of value) with a hosted TFS scenario. I got some additional latency/ bandwidth  recommendations from MSDN. Will keep you guys posted how it goes. Will verify the 512 as well as MSDN says 1Mbps line