SQL 2008 Cluster Does Not Come Online After Reboot

We have a SQL 2008 active/passive cluster running on 2008 R2. Every time we reboot the servers, the Cluster disks do not come back online. After some research, it seems it has something to do with the SAN Policy? I have tried using Diskpart, but have had
no success yet. How do I set the SAN Policy so that these disks will come back online correctly? In Disk Management, the disks are offline and are marked as Reserved.

The fact that disks are offline and show Reserved is a good thing.  This indicates the storage system is probably working OK. You need to check the policies of the Clustered Disk Resources to see if they are set to start automatically.   One key way to check is to see if the disks show OFFLINE or FAILED.  Offline indicates they never tried t ostart while FAILED means

I may have figured this out. The iSCSI Initiator Service was set to Manual. Therefore, when the servers restarted, this service would not come back online. I set it to Automatic for both servers. I will monitor and see how it goes.