Smart Device CAB Project and mscorlib.dll

I have a number of solutions in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 that have Smart Device CAB Projects in them. An issue that I’ve been seeing is that my cab file projects will detect a dependency on mscorlib.dll and when I exclude this dependency, it will be marked as excluded only until the next time I open the solution. The result of this is that every time I need to make a build, I have to check my cab file project out of source control, exclude this dll, and build the project. Then, when I go to check in this change to source control, it says there are no changes to the file. I can do this work around, but I’d like to find out if there is a real fix for this.

I’ve seen this issue when I’m using CF2.0 and CF3.5.

What else can I tell you to get this resolved?


>> it will be marked as excluded only until the next time I open the solution.  Did you mean Visual Studio will set “Exclude” to “False” for mscorlib.dll every time it opens your cab  project? That’s unnormal because the Exclude is set to True for mscorlib.dll by default. Please try the following:1. Change Exclude to True for mscorlib.dll and then check in the project. 2. Disable automatic checkouts: 3. Disconnect the project  from source control: 4. Create a new cab project from testing, and see if the issue persists.

I think that I found this issue on this. My code was using CF 3.5, and one of the references I had may have been using CF 1.0. I ended up removing this dll  and coding around it. Then the mscorlib  disappeared from the cab  file. I hope this helps some