Sharepoint 2010 DateTime Managed Property To UTC time (Scenario – FullTextSqlQuery)

Are there any plans (if not already) to allow Jasper to cache its generated code or complied assemblies and either be configured to not recheck the database or EDM, or (if using an EDM) check the file timestamp of the EDM file (and corresponding custom classes?), or allow some custom code to determine whether a regeneration is required?

As a side question: how long would Jasper take to initialize itself on a database with 10, 100, or 1000 tables – is the time linear on the number of tables (assuming reasonable relationship counts, etc.)?

Matthew,We’ve discussed the caching  question you mention and it is on the top of our list for increasing performance.  Regarding the second question  we haven’t done any performance testing or analysis regarding the initial start up time for creating all the types and relationships.  Are you just curious or looking at something in particular?Carl

Thanks Carl, nothing in particular in mind right now, just curious.One follow-on feature I can think of is to be able to take the ‘cached dlls’ (or perhaps just be able to explicitly generate them) and then deploy those assemblies  with the application.  (Of course this moves away from the runtime dynamic aspect, but then so do custom EDMs too.) Cheers,-Mat