Report Designer – Add New Dataset crashes and restarts Visual Studio 2010


I’ve update my project to .Net 4 Client Profile and converted the reports to 2008 format.  Whenever I try and add a new dataset to an existing or new report it crashes Visual Studio.

Thanks in advance.


Couple of quick questions so hopefully we can narrow down the problem:- If you create a new WinForms report  Application do you still get the crash?

This issue doesn’t happen on new WinForms applications.  It also doesn’t happen on another upgraded WinForms application.The file types in the application include Forms, User controls, DataSets, ADO WCF Service Proxy, Resource Files, CE database (with Entity Model),and reports files.I have a WCF ADO dataservice generate by DataSvcUtil  (command line .Net 3.5) and tried 4.0 service reference.ThanksTerry

The cause has something to do with WCF ADO generate datasources (used for binding).  When I remove it out of the datasources folder, Add New Dataset in the report  designer works.  It seems to be only an issue with WCF ADO dataservice datasource.