Queued Component(DLL) is not working in Visual Studio 2008 build, but works fine with Visual Studio


We have simple application, which gets a message from external world through ISAPI and that message will be received by LOGIC.DLL COM Dll and after that LOGIC.DLL invokes Queued comonents(LOGGING.DLL) for Logging the message to the database. It is working
fine when we build the application in Visual Studio 6.0. We migrated the application to Visual Studio 2008, Queued component LOGGING.DLL stopped working. I mean if database server is down, it throws an exception(Unlike it was putting in Queue before, if server
goes down while we built the LOGGING.dll in Visual Studio 6.0).

I didn’t do any code changes in the LOGGING.DLL  while migrating to Visual Studio 2008 from Visual Studio 6.0(Of course I did couple of chanes on ISAPI and LOGIC.DLL to get rid of compilatin errors in Visual Studio environnent). Could you please tell
me how to get rid of this issue? Do you recommend some Settings while compiling the code in Visual Studio 2008? I confirmed that there is no issue with Queued component application.




Hi Ram, How did you upgrade your VS 6 project to VS 2008? There is no VS 6 environment on my side because it is out of support for years. Based on my experience, the VS 6 project is quite

Hi Kira,Thanks for your reply. Let me tell you the way I have migrated from Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2008. When we open dsw file of Visual Studio 6.0 in the Visual Stdio 2008 IDE, it will ask you if the project need to be converted into current C++ project

> LOGGING.dll is throwing unknown exception while connecting to the database. So you mean it has problem connect to database? Or it cause problem when putting entry to the MSMQ? I need to get more detail information in order to know which person can handle