Programatically selection of audio source

Suddenly i got this problem :

SW Tool : VC++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition, MFC4.2

When trying to compile an application, this issues the above displayed message:

fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file “.DebugProjectName .obj”

Could be on an existent or new project, MFC API, Win32 API, DLL.. etc


can you right-click ProjectName.cpp and choose ‘compile’ – if so, what happens next. If there are no build errors check to see whether ProjectName.obj has been placed in the debug folder./

babaandthepigman, Thank you for your replyActually it seems like there would be a problem  in my laptop where the programming tool  is runningThe same programming tool with the same settings are running on my desk top and everything is ok.Practically i cannot Build/Compile or Build/Rebuild All any existent  or new projectI have re-installed the tool but still the problem persistThere would be not a windows XP professional register problem because it has been scanned, ok.No virus neither because scanning ok.Before was ok but cannot understand what has happened … ???The only anomalous thing i have is the PC Live Guard firewall that i still cannot unistallThey got through in my system, without my permission (rude people) and even i killed it many times they are still there somewhere. Now the STOPzilla technical support is analizing my system scanning file  to understand the way to killed it ( only the firewall)Can be this the problem? i mean the firewall is blocking the compilation?Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hi,Have you included some dependencies to your Visual C++ project? If included, please check if it had spaces in its path. For more information, please see following link: for your reference, please check MSDN document: