prog file run correct from command window and can’t run from form

Dear All

I have prog file ,it create a form

I want to rum this prog from my form when i run it nothing happen and the programme goto the next line of it’s command

but this prog run without any error from command line

If you want to have a form, create the form visually as a real form and then call it from the button of the original form.

You have to show the prog code to help us understand and explain yhour problem.But two mistakes are possible:1) The form created programatically is created as hidden and you have to call Show() method2) The instance reference of the form is stored to a variable which is released when the creation procedure exitsSo if you have let say button on your form and the form creation code is in the Click method then it should look like this one:THISFORM.AddProperty(“newForm”) && if you already have such property then you may omit this command

Dear Pavelmany thanks for your helpI copied your code and past it in my click action of my button but nothing happenI think this touble is related to the main form I should i change some properties of it to let other form show correctly