Problem with settings not being saved in Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager running along wi

I am using Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager.  I am using a LIVE account e-mail so I have the Outlook Connector running.  My settings are not saving no matter what I have done.  It shows temporarily but as soon as I close Outlook or click on another folder it goes back to what it was.  E.g.  When I slide the “From” or “Subject” button in the Inbox over to see the entire persons name or subject it goes right back to not being seen.  Another ex. is when I customize the “Sort” button to not show the dates it goes right back to showing the dates 2 seconds later.  I want the inbox to just show a list of e-mails.  I hate having the big bulky thing saying DATE: TODAY

It won’t save any of my settings.  Other than that it runs fine.  Is there any other bugs with this not working?  I am thinking it might be the Outlook connector corrupting something to do with the Business Contact Manager.  Please help!!!

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I’m afraid there is only one solution my friend. ERASE all of windows stuff newer than XP and go back to XP or earlier. These guys who are running Microsoft these days don’t know their arm from their elbow. All you get are faulty systems which they expect