perform UpdatePanel.Update from different page

I have Page_A.aspx and Page_B.aspx

Page_A.aspx has a text box and a Send button.

Page_B.aspx has a Label control on it, inside an UpdatePanel

I want that when I type something in Page_A.aspx and click Send, the text of Label on Page_B.aspx should be  updated with the text box text and the UpdatePanel should be updated. Is this possible?






 Hi GreatBear,I think you can place a timer in your Page_B and in its Tick event you can check the value that is sent by Page_A;I used Session here is some code;Page_A

finarfin,  actually i havent worded my question properly. sorry about that.i cannot use timer control. the trigger to update  the updatepanel  should be outside page_b.aspx. it should be some sort of universal trigger that updates ALL clients on the web server viewing that particular page. in other words, imagine a game scoreboard scenario: several people are viewing a page  called scores.aspx; now the score can change anytime. and i want the update to occur only when score changes, not based on fixed time interval. and additionally, when the score changes, ALL connected clients are updated. not sure if this is even possible, because its kind of like manual pushing of scores to the client browser (like a rich client app would do), but over HTTP, without any explicit request from the client.