PAGEIOLATCH_SH causing long delays after upgrade to SQLSERVER 2005

Some processes in our PeopeSoft system are running extremely long after upgrading from SQLSERVER 2000 to SQLSERVER 2005 SP4. Processes that use to run in 15 minutes now take 4 hours to run. Some processes run in the same amount of time and don’t seem to
be affected by the upgrade. When I examine the long running processes in Activity Monitor I see the wait type showing up as PAGEIOLATCH_SH. Any ideas as to what might be going on? Our SQLSERVER implementation is a standard install. What should we be looking
at to improve the situation?

Some old queries are no longer finding good plans, that kind of thing always happens with upgrades.  But rather than treat it as a new problem, it would probably be better to ask in the Peoplesoft community.Otherwise, like any performance problem, you’d look at the SQL for the slow queries and their exeuction plans, look at the tables involved, check the indexes, use the DMV’s to diagnose the bottlenecks, etc.Josh /

Do you also see blocking like same SPID blocking itself ……..could you please share the sysprocesses output of the SPIDs going for shared latch .run it on SPID > 50 ..Regards 

I installed and ran aba_lockinfo. There are no blocks. I am able to see the SQL Select Statement that is running so long. It is a complex one and I will look and creating new indexes but since nothing has changed recently to the data or structure other