No WPF controls Toolbox in VS2008 sp1 on Windows 7

i recently made a fresh install of windows 7 ultmate RTM on both my work  and home computers. on my work pc i installed VCExpress sp1 on my home pc i put VS2008 RTM and later applied SP1


the issue is on both i computers, when am in design view of a WPF Designer, the toolbox has only  “general” tab with the words “not usable controls….”. the controls for WPF are not there.


how do i bring them back?

Try resetting your toolbox.There are two levels of reset:1. Right Click on the toolbox  and choose Reset Toolbox – this will take a while as the toobox cache gets rebuilt2. If 1 doesn’t work, close Visual Studio, then locate your .TBD files (ToolBox Database files – these hold the serialised form of the toolbox, and are