Need Urgent Help In FormView or Details View

I’m trying to modify my team’s work item types.  I’d like to add some new ones and edit some others.  I have the following installed in this order:

1) Visual Studio 2010 Premium (excluding SQL Express)
2) Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer
3) SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer edition
4) Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools

When I try to open a Work Item Type by going to Tools > Process Editor > Work Item Types > (any option here), I get the server connection dialog box.  After clicking “Connect” on my TFS server, I get the message “Object Reference Not Set to
an Instance of an Object”.

I previously received this error message when I had installed things in a different order and had some other things not working (e.g. couldn’t use SSMS to browse a cube).  So, to be thorough, I wiped my entire machine and started with a fresh Windows
7 installation.

Could this be due to installation order?  Could it be an issue with our TFS server or a version mismatch on it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi,Are you working with TFS2010 or TFS2008?/

I don’t know what the server version is (the only thing I know about it is the server name).  Is there a way I can tell from the client side?

Hi EHole,You can get the TFS version on client by the URL. In Team Explorer, right click the Server( root ) node=> properties and then you can get the server Url.If the url of the TFS is like :8080/”>http://:8080/ , the version is TFS2008 or TFS2005. If the url is like http://:8080/tfs/, the version is TFS2010.To edit the WorkItemType, you should be the Project Administrator, and use the correct version of TFS PowerTools. You have to use VS2008 SP1+TFS PowerTools 2008 to connect to TFS2008 SP1 and use VS2010+TFS Power Tools2010 to connect to TFS2010.