MOSS alerts when “Someone changes an item that appears in the following view”

I have created several views in a list to separate information by different cities. Because I have different users that are only interested in information that is being added/edited/changed in, for example, Cincinnati, I want to set alerts for these users based only on the view “Cincinnati” and not the entire list.

When I set up the alert for a specific view, I get an email notification that the alert has been created but whenever I make a change, add a new item, or edit an item no alert is sent. I have tried adding new info in “edit in datasheet” and by simply going to the new button. Niether way sends out a notification.

If I set up an alert fot the entire list, not a specific view, I get notified when new items are added or changed. My problem seems to be with connecting an alert to a specific view.

My question is: Why am I not receiving alerts when I add new items in a specific view? What actually constitutes a “change to an item that appears in a view” ?

Hello,There is no out-of-the-box method to make alerts  only respond to the updates of specific  items in view  rather than list.I suggest you to simulate the “alert” by creating custom workflow to send e-mails. As you know,  “views” are just using filters to make part of items  to be shown by satisfying some criteria. Then you can use workflow to build up “conditions” as these criteria. Only send e-mail notification  when the new added  or updated item  meets these criteria.  Or, there is a more advanced method to  create a custom e-mail alert  handler, which use code to intercept the outgoing e-mail alerts and modify them with your own criteria. The detailed information  is as follows:,Jerry

Thank you for your response! I have thought about the workflow option but at this time we are unable to go this route. We are currently not allowed to add  custom code so the custom email alert  handler wont be an option either. Thank you for the provided work around and other option. OOTB functionality is basically all I can work with for now.I understand your point that alerts  will not respond to updates of specific  items in a view… but should the alert respond to something new being added  to a view? It will not do that for me either. Please let me know what you think! Thank you again for your help.

Hello,As I’ve already said, alerts  will not respond to updates of items  in a view, here updates include actions of both changing and adding. So it is neither possible for alerts respond item  added to a view. Default alerts will only responds to any events of list, list  is the basic unit to trigger alerts. Hope that’s clear to illustrate the situation. Regards,Jerry