Migrating and restoring steps of TFS 2010 to a new machine

Hello everyone,

I have a following scenario and uptill now I did not find a good solution.

Our company recently upgraded from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 RC1 on SRV-TFS-1. The upgrade was smooth. The Application and Data Tier are on a single machine.

Now we are trying to make a backup server as SRV-TFS-2,in case the main server (SRV-TFS-1) encounters any problem we shift and restore to SRV-TFS-2. 

The steps followed are:

Install SQL Server

Install sharepoint services

Restore Databases as backed up on SRV-TFS-1.

Install TFS 2010 RC1

Run the upgrade wizard.

On the Admin console the urls are still pointing to SRV-TFS-1, however the data-tier and reporting services are pointing correctly to SRV-TFS-2.

I need detailed steps on migrating TFS 2010 from one server to another server on the same domain. Note that the TFS 2010 server was upgraded from TFS 2008, so it contains 2008 databases as well in SQL server instance.

Also I am running into a problem of large size LDF files of Sharepoint_Config, DefaultCollection & Warehouse databases. Need to know how to make their growth restricted. I came accross many SQL server forums and found different solutions, but I need to know it in TFS perspective before I apply any method.

I am looking forward for a detailed feedback to my questions and will appreciate a detailed response.


Still no response….:( /