Issues with Sharepoint 2010 Commerce Server Template Pack


We have an installation of SharePoint 2010 and Commerce Server 09.  We installed the newly available Template Pack that provides an updated SharePoint Commerce Services configuration wizard for SP 2010.

We were able to run the wizard one time to deploy a demo SharePoint site.  However, we could not configure the site or navigate to its site settings.  My account was a local admin, farm admin, site collection admin, and had full control permissions
for the demo site.

Our second major issue was not being able to run the SharePoint Commerce Services configuration wizard a second time.  This is the error we are getting.



SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration

An unexpected error has occurred. Error message is: The Process cannot access the file

‘C:users….AppDataLocalTemp2Microsoft.Commerce.Portal.Common.dll’ because it is being used by another process



Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I had the same problem, i tried different methods without success.Luckily I had Snapshot (i am using Virtual Machine on Hyper V) of before installing CS2009. Rolled back to old version of my VMThen installed CS2007,upgraded to  CS2009, ran hot fix (KB975567), then installed newly available Template pack. It works fine this time.The difference between my first and second installation is I haven’t selected options like Direct Mailer, Staging etc….   /

Hi Ramana,

Hi Alexonder,You are right second time I am also getting same problem and here is the temperary solution and I think microsoft has to fix this issue.Found the problem with SharePointCommerceServicesConfiguration.exe