How to write a regular expression to validate text input as Html?

 I am new to wpf

I have Usercontrol  u1,u2  

u1 i have button,textbox

u2 I have buttn

when i click on  U1 button u2 is loaded 

What i want is when  i click on u2 buttom usercontro u1 to be loaded with with label insted of text box

what i tried

is on click event of u2 button

u1 us1=new u1

label lbl=new label


then u1 will be loaded with label but issue is another 2 controls will be replaced label

to be clear I want to retain the button intact  but change the text box to label

Pls anybody could  help




An easy way would be to add a property to your control  that toggles the view.

Hi VIMALKRISHNAN,For this situation, you want to do some operations for a use control  outside of that use control, you can try to define some methods in that use control to do those tasks.