How to profile visual studio 2008 plug-in? Profile method : Instrumentation


I have to profile VS 2008 Plug-in, I am able to profile using sample method. It gives e hot path and everything.

But when I try to profile it using INSTRUMENTATION method VS2008 crashes. Sometimes it also says “Error VSP1734 : File contains no data”. I have tried all kinds of configuration “Exclude/include small functions”. BTW there no test configured so no point
of Test Coverage.

Any help will be great.


Hi raghavx,When you profile with Instrumentation Mode, do you see any error/warning messages during the launch? If your plugin is signed the instrumentation process will invalidate the signed binaries and this may be why VS is crashing.

Thanks Colin.The VS is not crashing any more. But I am still getting VSP1734 ErrorHere is the output accompanied with a message box saying no data collected error VSP1734Profiler startedInstrumenting C:VSAddInobjDebugVSAddIn.dll in placeInfo VSP3049: Small functions will be excluded from instrumentation.Microsoft (R) VSInstr Post-Link Instrumentation 9.0.21022 x86Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.File to Process:C:VSAddInobjDebugVSAddIn.dll –> C:VSAddInobjDebugVSAddIn.dllOriginal file backed up to C:VSAddInobjDebugVSAddIn.dll.origSuccessfully instrumented file C:VSAddInobjDebugVSAddIn.dll.Warning VSP2013 : Instrumenting this image requires it to run as a 32-bit process. The CLR header flags have been updated to reflect this.Collection file exited: C:addindevenv101117.vspProfiler exitedPerformance report C:addindevenv101117.vsp contains no data.Failed to delete file: C:addindevenv101117.vspPRF0025: No data was collected.===================== Profiling Complete =====================

Also there is something interesting. After profiler is launched the STOP button on performance window is disabled. This is happening in case of instrumnetation only not the sampling