How to give condition in primary out put of a project?

Hi everyone !

The title is explicit : my team project has 3 groups of users, and I’d like for my work item that only the group set in the field ‘AssignedTo’ of my work item would be able to modify the fields.

The first solution that came to me was to add 3 conditions for each field, to check the value of ‘AssignedTo’ and add the readonly to the 2 other groups. But it is very long and with When conditions, the access would change immediately even
if the user made a mistake by changing the ‘AssignedTo’ field : it would be better if the change takes place once the work item has been saved.

Is there any solution ? Is it possible to refer to all the fields of a work item, in order to avoid to add conditions to every field ? Or is it simply possible to change the access of a work item for a group (unknown but stored in a field), maybe by creating
area or something like that ?

By the way, the ‘AssignedTo’ field has a default value, so there is no problem at the creation of the work item.

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english, I’m French !

It is not possible. But you can go to another route. There is security on areas. Don’t base the security on the assigned to, but on the area  path./

Thanks for your quick answer.Is it possible to change  the security on the area  path, without being administrator ? I mean, I’d like that only one group  could be able to change the accessibility of the work  item when the group users  have finished to use it, so that another group can