HOw to get a datafield value at the header of the report and display it while exporting it in the ex


I have a report in SSRS 2005 whose dataset have many fields

in my case, there is a field called ‘Personnel” which is same on all rows of the report

So, i want to dispaly that datafield “Personnel” in the report header and also show it while exporting in the excel

How i do it please?

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Your question sounds too easy to answer so I suspect there may be more to it.  But if you aren’t using grouping, just drag the field from the dataset to a header  you place on the form.   If you are talking about a header that appears at the

Thankx for the replyits simpleI have already put it in the header  by declaring a hidden textbox on the body part of the reportThe major problem is while i export the report  in the excel format, the textbox values at the top of the header doesn’t displaySorry, my heading of the question was a little wrong

Header wont accept any dataset field value in RS 2005 , RS 2008 .there is a field called ‘Personnel” which is same on all rows of the reportYou can refer them by using Reportitems!.value in the header  and if you wish can even make the pesonnel column invisible .Now your header will persists the field personnel even on export to excel .Thanks .