How to display jpg on ListView having the same effect as Win Explorer – flipping from default icon t

On Win Explorer, default icons with text titles are displayed while jpg are loading. Later on, jpg replaces the default icon one by one upon finishing jpg disk read. I used a default icon to load into the LargeImageList and then begin
my jpg read. But once I replace the first icon with jpg on the LargeImageList, all those default icons are gone.  Do I need to create a seperate thread to read jpg? C++ examples please. Tnx.

Perhaps there is a problem with reference here. Make sure that you’re not replacing a reference for all icons, or destroying the default  icon after loading  the first image. By destroying one, you might be destroying all. Regards,Fábio/

Hi youtopia,Is your application a Windows Forms application? If it is a win32 or MFC application, you need to pose in the forums below: your description, it seems that you want to show  a list of images in a ListView. The first image in LargeImageList ought to be the default  icon and others are the really images(jpg in your case). Before you load  all the images, you need to set

Thanks. This works. To flip those images one by one, do I need anther thread  to do it?