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I cannot get a style associated with a Paragraph to be applied. Code runs fine, but the style is not applied to my text. I’ve tried opening an existing but empty word document (docx), creating a new one and building it from the ground up, and a few others.
Here is the code snippet for using an exiting but empty word (docx) document.


         string tempFilename = @”c:temptemplate.docx”;

         WordprocessingDocument doc = WordprocessingDocument.Open(tempFilename, true);
         MainDocumentPart mainDocPart = doc.MainDocumentPart;

         Body mainDocBody = mainDocPart.Document.Body; //new Body(); //Crates the Body tag

         // Paragraph consists of a Paragraph, Run, and Text
         Paragraph newParagraph = new Paragraph(
                    new ParagraphProperties(
                        new ParagraphStyleId() { Val = “Title” }),
                    new Run(
                        new Text(“Title Text Is Here”)));


Hi CobbDev, The problem here is that when starting from a blank word document  the styles  are not added. In open  xml format for word, the styles are stored in a separate place /word/styles.xml All of the styles are stored here and then as you correctly point

Hi CobbDev,Thanks for your question.Agree with AbeML, you need to add a definition for style “Title” first. Here is a simple example on how to add a custom style  definition:private staticvoid AddNewStyle(StyleDefinitionsPart