Font size animation creates memory leak

First of all, this is related to integration services and sql management studio – but I can’t seem to find a forum for either with relation to SQL 2008 R2.

I’m trying to import a database with geometry type columns into my beta instance of SQL 2008 R2, so that I can test the spatial reporting features. I’m running into an error where the SSMS import task is saying ‘Unknown conversion from geometry to geometry’ though. It seems this is a known issue judging by this thread (which goes back to 2008):

Does anyone know if this will be fixed before the RTM of SQL 2008 R2? Or does anyone know of way to get SSIS to support spatial data types?


I don’t believe this issue has been fixed for RTM. What I’d suggest you do is file a bug using the Connect website.

Been hearing that answer a lot lately… I’m starting to think I should maybe be on the payroll at MS.

Kevin, have you tried the workaround?, Vlad.