Flickering during scrolling in treeview if i use virtualization

Hello everyone

I’m new to AD FS 2.0 so I apologise in advance for any daft questions!

I’ve done a lot of reading and while it’s great to have so much information I remain confused at times.

I have access to two Windows 2008 SP2 servers in the same domain . I’d like to set them up in a
basic test scenario where one server acts as our company federation sever and the other one as a partner federation server (one that would normally be external to our network). Can I achieve it this way or should the two servers be in different

To do this I assume I install ADFS 2.0 on both servers and then configure them as relying trusts to each other?

I’d be grateful for any tips, suggestions or “how to steps” for this situation.



HiI think you will find what you need here: Step-by-Step instructions even including Virtual Machines 🙂 on

Thanks very much, I’ll have a look.