Failover Cluster installation fails (SQLServer 2008)

I was working happily with VB2010 Express until I decided to add SQLServer 2008.

Once in SQLServer, I noticed I could do not define a database diagram. As part of trying to fix that I ended up noticing that I now cannot define data sources in VB2010 Express now either!

What happened was that I added a new data source with the “add new data source”wizard, but at the bit where you choose Access, SQL, etc. The screen just goes blank. When I try in the data explorer to add a new data source I get the “event log is full” error.

I have uninstalled both SQL and VB but still have the same problem!

I also have minimal OS skills, so any help on how to fix this will need to be in simple English!


Hi ToogleTown, Thank you for your post. Some clarification with you.-         

Hi Larcolais,and thanks for your advice. I have since been able to solve the problem – I eventually found the event  log viewer and it turned out it was full  of communicator.exe messages. Once I emptied the log, VS2010 started working properly again, so it seems like